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Rest isn’t always Best

During these unusual times it has been challenging to stay active and we are about to enter the tough time of year for some, Winter. Staying active is so very important physically and mentally.

One of the most frustrating things when you put in the effort to get active and you get held back because of pain. What is your best plan of action? Rest seems logical, but you just came off of a long rest period and you want to get moving somehow.

What about those times you rest because of an injury and you get back into movements that were previously painful and it happens all over again. Was rest really the best thing?

Rest will only truly heal if the underlying issue is corrected. The same can be true when adding steroid injections to the mix. And again, you have to correct the underlying issue, otherwise you will likely find yourself in the same place all over again.

Most injuries are a result of muscle imbalance. What is muscle imbalance? It is an imbalance of strength and flexibility. How does this happen? Inactivity resulting in tight and weak muscles. Or overuse where a muscle/joint is having to perform a movement it was not designed to compensate for the imbalance.

Often times, rather than completely resting from activity, making modifications to movement are the best recipe for successful return to activity. A little rest to reduce the inflammation in conjunction with stretching what needs stretched and strengthening what needs strengthened. How do you know what is the best treatment plan for you? There are so many variables that enter into the equation. Having your local movement specialist (aka PHYSIO Therapy Solutions) guide you through the process can keep you from having to ride the roller coaster of disappointment when working through an injury.

Do not settle with the idea that you have to deal with pain and there is no fix. Our bodies are amazing machines and can heal. You just have to give them the opportunity!

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